Director API: Cutscene

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Director API: Cutscene

Postby adrian » Wed Dec 17, 2014 2:34 pm

Namespace: CinemaDirector

The Cutscene is the main Behaviour of Cinema Director.

  • Duration - Duration of cutscene in seconds.
  • IsLooping - Will the Cutscene loop upon completion.
  • IsSkippable - Setting to determine if the Cutscene may be skipped.
  • CanOptimize - Enable this if the Cutscene does not have TrackGroups added/removed during running.

  • CutsceneFinished - Event fired when Cutscene's runtime reaches it's duration.
  • CutscenePaused - Event fired when Cutscene has been paused.

  • Optimize() - Optimizes the Cutscene by preparing all tracks and timeline items into a cache. Call this on scene load in most cases. (Avoid calling in edit mode).
  • Play() - Plays/Resumes the cutscene from inactive/paused states using a Coroutine.
  • Pause() - Pause the playback of this cutscene.
  • Skip() - Skip the cutscene to the end and stop it, if isSkippable is enabled.
  • Stop() - Stops the cutscene.
  • UpdateCutscene(float deltaTime) - Updates the cutscene by the amount of time passed. Only use if you are handling the passing of time manually.
  • PreviewPlay() - Preview play readies the cutscene to be played. Use this in scenarios where you need to manipulate time manually. This is necessary for playing the cutscene in edit mode.
  • ScrubToTime(float newTime) - Play the cutscene from it's given running time to a new time, simulating the passing of time as if it were happening quickly. (Used mainly for scrubbing by the director control, to hear audio play)
  • SetRunningTime(float time) - Set the cutscene to the state of a given new running time and do not proceed to play the cutscene.
  • EnterPreviewMode() - Set the cutscene into an active state.
  • ExitPreviewMode() - Set the cutscene into an inactive state.
  • Refresh() - Exit and Re-enter preview mode at the current running time, causing a re-bake. Important for Mecanim Previewing in edit mode.
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