better render controls

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better render controls

Postby Arcane » Sun Mar 05, 2017 1:30 am

Being able to render out of any shot whatever size you need to

What file format
openexr with the different layers for actual film work

frame sequence range
directory to render too ( with a click not write in for external drives)

I have to render out a 8 projector setup with 4 different sized outputs - with your software now will be very hard

also png's have issues in after effects if you search the forums while it seems to be the mid level standard in whats emerging int he game world I had to give up using them years ago because after effects would randomly find issues with them and ruin my renders

check out jpeg2000 its an archival codex with an alpha thats smaller than png's and lossless
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Re: better render controls

Postby DanoG » Tue Mar 07, 2017 11:43 am

Hi Arcane,

I believe we responded through support email.

What you are asking below are some great feature requrests. We will look at adding what we can. Unfortunately Unity does have limits as to what filetype we can capture as. To capture JPEG2000 we'd have to probably capture as png, and then run some batch converter in the background, and it would get messy.

For anyone browsing our forums who are looking for a robust capture solution, check out Helios -!/content/63643

It's a great product to use in tandem with Cinema Director.
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